Opal Engagement Rings - Story Behind Appeal

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Opal Ring is known for engagement because it has the ability to appear and disappear colors and also because it is known in antiquity for its magical properties. It was considered by the Greeks as prophetic . According to legend, the Roman senator Noni's chose exile rather than give her opal ring with Mark Anthony , who wanted the ring to be a gift to Cleopatra .

Opal Engagement Rings

In the 18th century , opal was considered bad luck. It began when King Alfonso XII of Spain gave an opal ring to his wife, who later died . The ring was passed on to family members who have died as well, including the king himself . Some say it was because of the cholera epidemic , while some credit mysterious deaths to bad luck opal derived .

Opal is known for its exotic and exciting colors . It is said that no two opals are similar in terms of color. Although the contemporary moment has already been removed from the superstitious belief, there are still people who choose to stay with this superstition , while most have already examined opal bring fortune.

Try to move away from traditional diamond rings , opal is considered by many couples for their engagement rings are soft which requires them to have a disk to provide protection and to allow them to focus their internal implementation fire. Setting the bezel, set of points, and since the bevel is the most common, are the most popular places that are made for engagement rings .

Black and white opals are famous for their incredible color sample . This is a major fire inside and significant work with colors theme even better options for some as against the traditional diamond engagement ring. However, as the opals are softer compared to diamonds, stones require more care to prevent the user from being chipped or scratched . Tap water should be used for cleaning .

An Opal Rings is the perfect engagement ring of choice if you are looking for something that is ancient and magical appearance. White Fire Opal and Australian black opal are some of the most popular opal engagement rings options.