Pink Tourmaline & Opal Diamond Ring The Fine Choice

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So you are about to be engaged. Or perhaps you have made a big mistake that you wish to make up for and
just need a chance. What are your options?

You can't steal a bank and you don't have a bank account with six digits. So that leaves out the two to five
carat diamonds. And you certainly want to make amends with your beloved, if only money goes along. This
makes the Sterling Silver Victorian Ring your best bet. But is it really a true candidate to help you win a heart? Or would you be letting your standards down?

At 1.40 carats, this Pink tourmaline Opal is definitely a candidate for the amateurs.

So that leaves us with a magnifying loop. A closer inspection yields some imperfections to the connoisseur.
However, if your budget is less than a thousand dollars, and all you did was forget to bring flowers home, then this gem is a cruel enough punishment to you:

the Sterling Silver will certainly make up for any impurities, and furthermore, enhance the look on your sweetheart's fingers. The oval and round cut stones themselves blend in perfectly with the ring which makes for a perfect birthday present. The deep cut will certainly help you save up on money, and yet, we are still talking of an authentic diamond ring to make amends, to please, or to simply surprise. And surprising it is with a princess cut, a medium girdle and a diamond cutting price. This is after all a non treated gem, so if your darling is a pro-green peace activist, or simply has nightmares about blood money, then you can rest assured that whatever arguments she may present you with as an excuse can be refuted in a hurry.

The ring itself is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 12, and is resizable, for your convenience.

After this much generosity from the diamond makers, one can only think of a poem good enough to match.